Magnificent papercraft trailer Tinybop’s Human Body app, designed by the inimitable Kelli Anderson, who recently worked her papercraft magic in a whimsical New York Public Library display.

The , with aesthetics inspired by the beautiful vintage illustrations of the 1959 book The Human Body, is part of Tinybop’s new Explorer’s Library – a series of games that help kids develop a foundational understanding of the world through immersive, interaction-driven play.

Excited to have this for my kids.

You know what drives me crazy? It’s all these people talking about how great technology is, and how it saves all this time. But, what good is saved time, if nobody uses it? If it just turns into more busy work. You never hear somebody say, ‘With the time I’ve saved by using my word processor, I’m gonna go to a Zen monastery and hang out.’ I mean, you never hear that.
Jesse (Ethan Hawke) in Before Sunrise. (via parislemon)